"I think any actor worth their salt wants to show as much versatility as they possibly can."


Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Horns (x)

Daniel Radcliffe | As If Magazine Issue 5


As If magazine - Issue #5 

Our 14 page cover story captures actor Daniel Radcliffe in a series of dynamic photographs shot by photographer, Tatijana Shoan. Radcliffe opens up about his dreams for the future, how he approaches acting, where he would be today if Harry Potter never happened and the challenges he faced getting naked on stage. [x]





*Actual dialogue from the film*


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Being self-critical is good; being self-hating is destructive. There’s a very fine line there somewhere, and I walk it carefully.

31 Horror Movies in 31 Days (5/31)

Horns (2014)
dir. Alexandre Aja

Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns starting to grow from his own head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses – an effective tool in his quest to discover the true circumstances of his late girlfriend’s tragedy and for exacting revenge on her killer. (x)

My Rating: 8/10